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Jakarta Professional Tutors is committed to strengthening and enhancing the learning outcomes for all students. Tutors works hard with each student and parent to bridge the gap between home and school and to achieve a great result.

Having a dedicated team of high-quality local Jakarta Professional tutors, we are obliged to empower all students to learn new skills, to overcome learning barriers, to consolidate prior learnings, to develop effective learning techniques and to achieve a great exam result

Our purpose is to deliver measurable improvements to our students’ academic results and to create a positive impact on their future study and occupational opportunities.

Jakarta Professional tutors come to your home

Private TutorWe offer an advantage to parents. Parents do not need to adjust their family’s busy schedules and drive a few kilometers just to send their children to another classroom with different kids. Jakarta Professional Tutors is a perfect platform for your child’s education and an ideal way to enhance their chances of university entrance. Private tuition can improve academic results, increase confidence levels and enhance enjoyment of learning.

Available Jakarta Professionals tutors

JakartaTutor.net offers 2 methods of delivery for Professional Private Tutor, depending on the needs of the student:

Full English Tutoring: Our preferred approach for tutoring is the “Full English Private Tutoring” This delivery method is taught 100% in English to help International student whose mother language is English or Student whose mother language is not bahasa Indonesia, or local students who prefer using english in learning, to ensures adequate student engagement and comprehension of the subjects and concepts taught at school. it also ensures consistent learning based on original language of IB curricula and specially designed tutoring materials

Bilingual (Bahasa Indonesia + English) Tutoring: Our preferred approach for this tutoring is the “Bilingual  Private Tutoring” This delivery method is taught in Bahasa Indonesia however it is still maintain original English Terms to help local indonesian student to understand more about the subjects using their primary language. Besides the use of language, there is no much differences between program. it also ensures consistent learning based on original language of IB curricula and specially designed tutoring materials

We’re very proud of our tutors. we have selected and interviewed them. If after the first hour of tutoring tutor can’t satisfy you with the service quality just let us know and we’ll change the tutor. Just fill out the form on the right side of this page or simply chat us on whatsapp. Our advisers will contact you for the further step. What are you waiting for?

Other Tutoring services that have Professional Tutors

We also provide tutoring service to help students prepare for College/University Entrance Test.

Our students come from some international and national-plus school in Jakarta, such as:

Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS)
Rafles International Christian School (RCIS)

British School Jakarta
Australian International School
Binus International School (Simprug and Serpong)
The Gandhi Memorial International School (GMIS Jakarta)
Saint John International School
Central International School
Global Sevilla International School
Singapore International School
Global Jaya International School
Hope International School
Sekolah Pelita Harapan
Tiara Bangsa ACS
Pakistan International School
Jubilee School
SMAN 3 Jakarta International Program
SMAN 8 Jakarta International Program
SMAN 70 Jakarta International Program
and still many other international and national schools around Jakarta

while some of our university preparation students go to some college such as:

Jakarta International College (JIC), Monash University Foundation Year
Edmund College (U.S)
Lone Star College (U.S)
University of Melbourne (Australia)
University of Michigan (U.S)
Lund University (EU)
Nan Yang Technological Institute (Asia)
University Teknologi Petronas (Asia)
Gadjah Mada University (International Program)
University of Indonesia (International Program)

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For students looking for an IB tutor, please contact our Private Tutor Coordinator

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