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We offer wide range of services to help students maximize their potential. As a professional agency our work doesn’t stop after helping you to find a tutor. During the process of tutoring, our educational expert will conduct regular monitoring trough the whole tutoring process, we also provide tutor with curriculum and pedagogical content knowledge to ensure quality of tutoring program. We conduct monthly assessment to see how the student progress trough the tutoring program. For maximal result, we provide students and tutors with quality learning resources such as international textbooks from well-known publishers and ICT tools to help tutoring process.

Some of services that we offer:

1. Private tutoring program for school students (all subjects)*:

a. Cambridge International Examination (more info…)

  • – Primary
  • – IGCSE / O Level (Secondary)
  • – A/AS Level (Junior College)

b. International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum (more info…)

  • – IB PYP (Primary)
  • – IB MYP (Middle)
  • – IB Diploma Program (SL/Hl)

Other International Curriculums  such as Singapore primary, Advanced Placement (AP),  Australia HSC and VCE, etc


c. National Indonesian Curriculum (more info…)

  • – SD
  • – SMP
  • – SMA

All subject (Math, English, Science, Social Studies, etc)

2. Intensive A/AS level examination preparation* (Retake/Home Schooling Candidate) (more info…)

3.  Intensive SAT, GMAT, GRE, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS preparation (more info…)

4.  Intensive Bahasa Conversation (more info…)

5.  Intensive Foreign Language (MANDARIN, JAPAN, KOREA, FRENCH, GERMAN) (more info…)



*We offer 2 (two) kind of services, full English (Platinum) and Bilingual English-Bahasa (Gold)

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