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IB private Tutor
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IB Private Tutor in Jakarta, Tutor come to your home

Jakarta Private Tutor  provide both private tutors for IB tutorial programme, So we provide excellent IB Private Tutor in Jakarta

Support is available for:

  • Individual IB subject(s) tuition (Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Economy, Business management, Economics, Geography, Bahasa Indonesia, English) depend on location.
  • Internal assessment requirements
  • English World Literature requirements
  • Oral language requirements
  • Practice exams
  • Proofing / editing services – Jakarta tutor will never condone plagiarism or ghost-writing of any kind. Essay support including proofing and editing is done on a consulting basis where advice is given through discussion. Please don’t ask us to write your work for you.

If you or your child is aiming to continue study abroad, then you have to be aware with international curriculum such as A Level, IB, AP or SAT. IB is studied by over 1 million students in 146 countries including Indonesia. Many international schools in Jakarta are turning to IB Diploma now.  The IB is becoming the number one international curriculum in the world. Students are struggling to attain a great grade for the Exam. Several problems that students face near the exam are: Difficulty to grasp the contents, The number of students in a class, Number of subjects that they took and etc a Private IB tutor is the best solution for it. Jakarta PrivateTutors offers an award-winning tutoring service for the students in Jakarta and around by providing an experienced and qualified IB Tutor Jakarta 

Our IB Private Tutoring programs are geared towards students who are keen to improve on their general understanding of certain subjects in IB and as also their confidence and exam performance. Tutoring is available in technical subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Sciences and Business Studies. Tutoring sessions are designed to complement the courses taught to students in their respective schools and colleges. Our programs follow the latest curricula of:

Cambridge International Examinations (IGCSE, AS and A-Levels); International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma); EDEXCEL; and Advanced Placement (AP). 

JakartaTutor.net offers 2 methods of delivery for IB Private Tutor, depending on the needs of the student:

Full English Tutoring: Our preferred approach for tutoring is the “Full English IB Private Tutoring” This delivery method is taught 100% in English to help International student whose mother language is English or Student whose mother language is not bahasa Indonesia, or local students who prefer using english in learning, to ensures adequate student engagement and comprehension of the subjects and concepts taught at school. it also ensures consistent learning based on original language of IB curricula and specially designed tutoring materials

Bilingual (Bahasa Indonesia + English) Tutoring: Our preferred approach for this tutoring is the “Bilingual IB Private Tutoring” This delivery method is taught in Bahasa Indonesia however it is still maintain original English Terms to help local indonesian student to understand more about the subjects using their primary language. Besides the use of language, there is no much differences between program. it also ensures consistent learning based on original language of IB curricula and specially designed tutoring materials

Prior to IB examinations, JakartaTutor.net provides ‘crash’ courses and drills to ensure students master key concepts, revise on past exam papers, and more importantly, get tips and tricks to excel in their examinations. Our “Exam Prep Programs” (EEP) are intensive, with up to 3 sessions a week for 8 to 12 weeks and comprise up to 10 students per class. During term breaks we provide “Get Ready Programs” to help students prepare and get ready for their next grade at school.

How can IB Private tutor in Jakarta helps your children?

IB private TutorWe have set the strategic plan that comes from an assessment of the personal student’s abilities. One-o-one tutoring class will be provided. We select a personal tutor that perfectly fit with your children needs. Tutors will also challenge your children to push them further and develop their confidence. The tuition not only helps boost the IB grades but also develop their critical thinking skill as part of the IB learner profile. JakartaeliteTutors will assist the students to grasp any topic for any subjects requested. Like Accounting, Business studies, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, ESS, TOK, English, France, and even Mandarin. Our tutors will increase students’ motivation to strive for better results. Your children will get support in preparing for the exams, given guides, tips and tricks, and revision support.

Should you get IB private tutor in Jakarta?

We’re very proud of our tutors. we have selected and interviewed them. If after the first hour of tutoring tutor can’t satisfy you with the service quality just let us know and we’ll change the tutor. Just fill out the form on the right side of this page or simply chat us on whatsapp. Our advisers will contact you for the further step. What are you waiting for?

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