Chemistry Private Tutor in Jakarta

Chemistry Private Tutor in Jakarta

Chemistry Private Tutor Around Jakarta

Experienced Chemistry private tutor for Cambridge and IB Curriculum. Provide Home Tutoring services so our Chemistry private tutor will come to your home.

Looking for Chemistry Tutors near Jakarta?

You are in the right place! Jakarta tutor provide Chemistry Tutors who are not only SMART, but also able to explain the concepts clearly and easy to understand. Unlike usual tutoring agency, Jakarta tutor support all of our tutor with curriculum and pedagogical content knowledge which proven by research to be effective in helping students to achieve a better result in Chemistry subject. Our Chemistry tutors does not work individually, our academic support team always be there to support all of our Chemistry tutors with rich learning materials, training, and expert consultation.

chemistry private tutor

Jakarta- Chemistry Private Tutor

Our tuition agency deals with dozens of private Chemistry tuition assignments each week. We pride ourselves on providing experienced Chemistry tutors who are familiar and experienced with tutoring international school students. Making a tutor enquiry with us is easy  and our tuition coordinators will make sure that your tutoring requirements are fully understood and met.

Recommended Chemistry Tutor for International School (with International Curriculum) provide Qualified Chemistry Private tutor who can teach students from International school using Syllabus and textbook for IB Diploma Program (HL/SL)Chemistry tutor for Cambridge IGCSE, Chemistry private tutor for Indonesian National Curriculum and Chemsitry tutor for university, Chemistry Private Tutor for Cambridge A/AS level, Chemistry private tutor for Foundation year and college students).

Our Chemistry Tutoring programs are geared towards students who are keen to improve on their general understanding of certain topics in Chemistry subjects and as also their confidence and exam performance. Besides Chemistry, Private Tutoring Services is available in technical subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Sciences and Business Studies. Tutoring sessions are designed to complement the courses taught to students in their respective schools and colleges. Our programs follow the latest curricula of:

Cambridge International Examinations (IGCSE, AS and A-Levels); International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma); EDEXCEL; and Advanced Placement (AP). offers 2 methods of delivery, depending on the needs of the student:

Full English Tutoring: Our preferred approach for tutoring is the “Full English Chemistry Private Tutoring” This delivery method is taught 100% in English to help International student whose mother language is English or Student whose mother language is not bahasa Indonesia, or local students who prefer using english in learning, to ensures adequate student engagement and comprehension of the subjects and concepts taught at school. it also ensures consistent learning based on original language of Cambridge and IB curriculum and specially designed tutoring materials

Bilingual (Bahasa Indonesia + English) Tutoring: Our preferred approach for this tutoring is the “Bilingual  Private Tutoring” This delivery method is taught in Bahasa Indonesia however it is still maintain original English Terms to help local indonesian student to understand more about the subjects using their primary language. Besides the use of language, there is no much differences between program. it also ensures consistent learning based on original language of Cambridge and IB curriculum and specially designed tutoring materials


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